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Valentina from Italy

“I highly recommend Mylène! She is really good at explaining, involving students, finding funny and easy ways for you to speak, practice and memorize with original exercises and activities. Perfect especially after a day at work. You are always looking forward to the next lesson. Super!” 

Susanna from the U.S.

“Marlies, dankjewel for the great semester! It was fun and I learned a lot. I really appreciate your teaching style and creativity. Thank you for all you put into it. I really hope I run into you again! P.S. Maybe next course I’ll write in Dutch ;)”

Nic from Romania

“The “Let’s Speak Dutch” method is highly effective for expats like me, who are willing to improve their Dutch skills. I took the A2+ course, which was interactive and involved a lot of role-playing. Also, it was built on the students’ needs: we were actually asked to list the most important situations in which we would like to work (e.g.: applying for a job, making a presentation in Dutch, take part in meetings at work, deal with authority, etc). This made the course very useful! I really enjoyed the course, not only because Mylène and Marlies are doing a great job, but also because of my outstanding fellow students!”

Keevin from the U.S.

“The course covers subjects that you will use everyday, such as making doctor’s appointments or planning meetings at work. It focuses on communication and getting your point across rather than on grammar or being exactly correct. The relaxed learning environment allows everyone to express themselves, especially as the students come from various lands with diverse backgrounds.”

Paula from Brasil

“The course covers different and interesting themes, which are also challenging. Practical homework, directly related to the subject of the lesson.”

Joby from Taiwan

“Altijd duidelijke uitleg van de docent, nuttige onderwerpen over dagelijkse conversatie. Nice tour rondom de community (de Stookplaats) in Hilversum. Goede plaats met gezellige sfeer!”