Conversational Dutch For Expats in Hilversum

You'd love to have spontaneous conversations with your Dutch neighbours, colleagues and that lovely lady at the grocery shop. But do you feel comfortable enough? 

That's where we, Mylène Hanson and Marlies Zegelaar, come in. We believe that you can only learn a language if you actively speak it. We offer innovative and effective Dutch conversation lessons for expats in Hilversum and beyond, who have completed a Dutch course at level A1, A2 or B1 and want to become more fluent. For beginners, we offer a basic course (A0-A1) with a strong focus on spoken Dutch.

The “Let’s Speak Dutch” method is highly effective for expats like me, who are willing to improve their Dutch skills. I took the A2+ course, which was interactive and involved a lot of role-playing. Also, it was built on the students’ needs: we were actually asked to list the most important situations in which we would like to work (e.g.: applying for a job, making a presentation in Dutch, take part in meetings at work, deal with authority, etc). This made the course very useful! I really enjoyed the course, not only because Mylène and Marlies are doing a great job, but also because of my outstanding fellow students!

- Nicolae from Romania

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