Your Dutch trainers Mylène (left) and Marlies (right)

Your Dutch trainers Mylène (left) and Marlies (right)

About Mylène & Marlies

We are both experienced and independent Dutch trainers. We met in 2016 and soon discovered that our teaching styles are very similar. Therefore, we decided to join forces and created these new Dutch conversation courses for expats in Hilversum. That's how our project Let's Speak Dutch was born. 


Mylène Hanson

Mylène is a seasoned Dutch trainer, working with expats since 2009. In 2002 she finished her PhD on education in multicultural groups. After this period of research, she worked as an educational advisor, and later as a teacher at the Hogeschool Utrecht, where she specialized in Dutch as a second language (NT2). In 2009 she started teaching NT2 to expats, in groups and privately. Mylène finds it important to tune in on the learning style of each learner, because every language learner is different. Besides her teaching activities, she is a professional singer in her very own jazz band WhoSheDo. For more information, check out her LinkedIn page.

Marlies .jpg

Marlies Zegelaar

Marlies has always been passionate about language. She attained a master's degree in communication sciences after attending the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. At that same university, she became a certified Dutch teacher in 2017. She prepares her lessons carefully and makes sure they are far from boring. She enjoys working with people from all around the world, and just like they learn from her, she learns a lot from them. Next to her teaching activities, she's a freelance B2B communication advisor for international tech companies. She is married to Marcel and has two small kids. For more information, check out her LinkedIn page.