Wonder how our courses will keep you busy?

For the 12 lessons of each course, we choose our topics carefully with input from our students.

Typical themes

Cursisten oefenen ‘Een telefoongesprek met de huisarts’.

Cursisten oefenen ‘Een telefoongesprek met de huisarts’.

  • Phone calls with your GP, insurance company or school;

  • Chats at work: from an interview to the coffee machine;

  • Conversations in a cafe or restaurant;

  • Chatting with your neighbours;

  • Shopping: from the Jumbo to HEMA to the cheese shop;

  • What to say and do at a Dutch party?

  • How to discuss a film, book or news article?

  • Traveling around The Netherlands by train or bus.

Examples of exercises

  • Role plays with specific tasks, such as planning a date and finding out specific information about someone

  • Listen to dialogues, repeat them and practice with them in real life

  • Vocabulary exercises

  • Feedback exercises

  • Group discussions

  • Watch a Dutch film or read a book at home and discuss in class

  • Give a short presentation about a topic you love to talk about

  • Chatting to a stranger at De Stookplaats (we will make sure you go prepared)

  • Excursions to a shop, museum or restaurant

  • Play games: from 'Wie is het?' to 'Het complimentenspel'